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  • Chica nueva en el blog , escribiendo en Español.

    Ya era hora de que alguien escribiera algo en este blog en Español, no es por nada, pero eso de los idiomas se nos da poco regular tirando a mal y  como queremos muchos, muchos seguidores desde ahora, habrá un  post en Español. No solo hablare de arte, siempre he pensado que el arte forma […]

  • about gratitude

    This should have been easier. I set out to write a post this morning before heading out with the furry family to help them let off a bit of steam, and then get some shopping in (very related to the post) but have gotten caught up in the admin of the website. I will be […]

  • going over the damn wall, too much Coffee?

    So, how is it that seven dogs and five cats is such a problem? The cats aren’t really that much of a special problem in themselves. Well, apart from Coffee the new kitten, who makes life miserable for every one at times. At the same time as he is one of the cuddliest, most in […]

  • Help, Hell and highwater (part two of the saga)

    In my last post I mentioned that I have a problem, but didn’t go too far in getting to what it is. I do have a terrible habit of getting off-track, or at least, trying to put in too much supporting information. I do the same when I speak, I’m good at the never ending […]

  • I need help, hell! I need a miracle (part one of however many this turns out to be)

    I am in an impossible situation, and there is no easy out either. You can believe me when I say that, I’ve been over the options about a million times, even as it has all been building up to this point, and there is no easy way out (and there was only a couple of […]

  • getting Eni, who is later to be getting down.

    And later still to be getting put down. The story of Eni, my little man. 2001 till 2014, may his little body rest in peace. Eni once had a blog, which you can find over at Ha Llegado el Lider. He was the cutest little guy, and his life was cruelly and unnecessarily cut short […]

  • My vision statement

    My vision statement

    powerful stuff I am a heart based psychedelic visual artist who works from a deep feeling of love, awe and respect, gained from much suffering on the road to my true spiritual maturity. I make objects that change peoples lives by bringing a deep aesthetic satisfaction and I do plenty of formal and informal public […]

  • thoughts on Fuck, part one

    thoughts on Fuck, part one

    A new friend asked the other day about “the word”. And I thank her for the question. I don’t get it enough. She asked me if it meant something or if it was just gratuitous. I suppose I have plenty to say about this, so lets see how we go. I believe I could be […]

  • starting fresh

    I better, ’cause what I have been doing up to now hasn’t really been working out for me. And it’s not surprising. It’s gotten to the stage where I can write down all these private (should be) (haha) thoughts here on the blog, and not really worry too much about the repercussion. OK, so not […]

  • It’s all happening.

    Just down the road. And I am here in the house painting. Is that the right thing to do? I really don’t know. From Russia Times