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I am a heart based psychedelic visual artist who works from a deep feeling of love, awe and respect, gained from much suffering on the road to my true spiritual maturity. I make objects that change peoples lives by bringing a deep aesthetic satisfaction and I do plenty of formal and informal public art projects that directly support positive change in all they touch.

I work at being a force for positive change through my example and my public statements and occasional public speaking. I have also published my views about life and creation in books and online and know that I have been no small contributor to the change that has swept across the world.

I now work from a solid core of love towards the other occupants of the planet, including the people, and that has meant that I have been able to make a much larger difference in the world, than when I was confronting people about their wicked ways. 🙂

I have a thriving investigative practice and many sidelines in various areas of design, and systems design. I have more commissions and projects than I can take on, each one more interesting and rewarding than the last.

I collaborate with a whole bunch of really amazing people, artists, scientists, shamen, spiritual leaders, architects and engineers and many others to produce multidisciplinary work which really is changing the state of play on the planet. Some of these collaborations are virtual, but many take place in the Arts investigation and research centre that I have built in the mountains of southern Spain. I occasionally travel to participate in important national and international events, being the first artist selected to represent two different countries in the Venice Biennial.

My success is built around a well planned and executed, although still fluid and exciting, self promotion strategy in order to give a focus to an important group of ideas that are changing the mindset of every inhabitant of the planet, and my fame and notoriety lets people move towards, no, indeed draws them towards, important ideas relating to our place in the universe and moves them away from the endgame being carried out by the psychopathic corporate machine which even now is losing power rapidly but is still dangerous if not effectively countered.

I have passive income derived from licensing and self publishing that allows me the freedom to work each day on what is most important to me. I can spend time with my friends and colleagues in a relaxed manner knowing that my systems and routines and the disciplined nature of my habits and spiritual practices mean that I have already achieved far more by lunchtime than I ever did in my long endless workdays in times past. I can spend time designing special strategies to gather help and resources for charitable projects that I wish to support. I mainly devote myself to groups who are working to alleviate the suffering caused by what remains of the dominator mindset, that is rapidly losing power but is still capable of immense harm.

I have a core group of collaborators, helpers, staff and hangers on, that mean that I can very efficiently carry out even complex projects rapidly and securely, and that my house and home are organised, clean and beautiful. I remember back to the breakthroughs that happened when I started accepting help in some of these areas.

I am a generous supporter of many organisations dedicated to improving the lives of animals and people all over the world. I like to believe that my work was directly responsible for the end of the practise of vivisection and other animal experimentation. I also am able to directly help animals and have an enormous family of loving domestic animals in from the street, a refuge for donkeys, mules and horses that have been rescued from their slavery in ‘service’ to man, and contribute to many other refuges and organisations that are dedicated to alleviating suffering amongst animals all over the world. I am one of the biggest supporters of an elephant sanctuary in India and can help a variety of other organisations. I am able to enrol a heap of other movers and shakers towards my goals too, and really feel like these last five years to 2020 have been decisive in turning the tide of destruction, that I admit, once felt hopeless to me as well. These places in turn also operate as centres for spiritual healing and allow me to help many people who are homeless or addicted to turn their lives around as well. some stay on to collaborate in spreading my movement.

I credit my efforts to move in a more loving and spiritual path with the personal transformation that I have undergone which in turn has been mirrored in the wider world. I really feel like I am in tune with the zeitgeist and part of its creation at the same time. I used to be angry and confrontational about the state of the world, but in that vibration wasn’t able to move it in any direction away from where it was heading. Once I learned, deeply felt and experienced, that love and compassion where the only way forward, than I was finally able to make the impact that I always knew I was capable of making. I modestly accept the accolades that a grateful world seems determined to bestow on me, although I would be just as happy retiring back to my beautiful home with all the love and respect from the inhabitants there. I now have a place that really feels like home. I am continuously amazed by the transformation in these people of this area who once behaved as brutes and caused needless suffering and now do so much to alleviate suffering in this area and in the wider world. And all flowing ultimately from a change of attitude on my part.

I know that this work that I am doing will not be finished in my lifetime, but I have also been able to set up a foundation that will continue my work and my legacy after I have returned to the energy field from which I sprang. When this moment comes I will pass through this barrier in peace and with few regrets.
I have been able to help many beings during my lifetime but feel sure that the work of my foundation will ultimately do so much more. The inevitable rise in the net worth of the foundation as my legacy is secured and my artwork rises rapidly in value, allow them to multiply my positive effects many-fold. I am truly proud that I was able to make these shifts, after having such a difficult and unrewarding life, bashing my head against the proverbial wall, before my true awakening.

Giving thanks for all that I have been privileged to achieve, and humbly acknowledging the part I play in the bigger scheme of things.






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