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I better, ’cause what I have been doing up to now hasn’t really been working out for me. And it’s not surprising. It’s gotten to the stage where I can write down all these private (should be) (haha) thoughts here on the blog, and not really worry too much about the repercussion.
OK, so not true exactly, I am going to keep a hell of a lot of my thoughts private thanks. Whatever leaks out through my work… and there’s plenty of things I can talk about.

So, about that title. Fresh start! I am making one now. I am enrolled in Ryan Eliason’s social entrepreneur training and coaching, and it’s going to be where I turn this baby around. Or move it up about thirty three gears.
I listened to one of his replays and he had an online quiz to do and these were my results.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for filling out the self evaluation for the
8 Steps To Double Your Income and Your Time Off!

Your scores…

Step 1: Compelling Vision *** 4 ***
Step 2: Committed, Engaged, & Being Your Best Self *** 3 ***
Step 3: Obstacles *** 1 ***
Step 4: Goals, Strategy, and Action Plan *** 1 ***
Step 5: Sales and Marketing *** 3 ***
Step 6: Time Management and Organization *** 1 ***
Step 7: Action and Follow Through *** 3 ***
Step 8: Celebration *** 1 ***

LOL, how well do I think I’m going? haha. He goes on to say

Reflect for a moment on the difference it would make
if you improved all eight of your scores to at least an 8,
if not a 10. My hunch is that it would change everything.

That’s exactly what my Double Your Income and Your
Time Off program is designed to do.

So, after having listened to all his webinars, or pretty much all of them, I have decided to try a bit harder.
I’ll keep you updated as I go. It should be exciting.

Now I am going to leave a few words around the place, and maybe, just maybe, turn it into a habit.






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  1. Scott Hollingsworth Avatar

    haha, didn’t happen. I have got such a problem with writing anything down.

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