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  • still scratching

    still scratching

    Just that, still trying out things. I have changed the ‘slider’ now three or four times, plus playing around with the order of the photos. (*the slider is the changing image sequence on the homepage of the site.) I decided to try a zooming effect. I first tried with the work “Starry, Starry Naught, Pop, […]

  • well, while I’m waiting for the nameservers to propagate…

    I suppose that I could try and write a post. I always get this far and can’t seem to do the job. I have so many things to write about, but go blank as soon as I click the start new post button. I really need to send out an update for my few subscribers […]

  • Here I am working on this site/blog, instead of painting

    It’s late, really late, and I’m scratching away at my lovely new wordpress installation and Kingsize theme, and trying to get a social media plug-in to work.