Privacy Policy for user data

I am not going to fill this up with legalese, and it’s not lawyer approved either.

But I just give you my SpaiNgaroo guarantee that your personal information is safe with me.

Your email address will only be used to communicate with you vía my list, and perhaps personally in the needs of each case.

I don’t have your bank details if you happen to buy from my shop.

That is all handled by woo-commerce who now say that they power 39% of all web stores. (of course most web stores don’t make any sales)

I am experimenting with different things and apps and services. We already know that some of these apps and services, especially the big ones, such as Facebook, Paypal, take and store different data for their own purposes. To all extent possible I do not aid and abet this, but cannot do much to change it either.

if you don’t know much about the topic, this article “Get your loved ones off Facebook” by Salim Virani is a good start.


anyhow, that’s me venturing into territory where I get into arguments with people, so, since I am no longer lecturing anybody about anything, I won’t continue.


But be assured that I only want the best for you. If you participate in one of my give-aways, and give me your physical address, (to allow me to send your fabulous gift) I will only use your physical address for that purpose, and to send you a holiday greeting or physical invitation to one of my shows, in the case that is appropriate. You can always ask  me to stop sending you free beautiful things, if you like.  I will keep such address safe and private, to the best of my abilities.


In the case we are already friends, you know you won’t feel smothered by our relationship, to put it nicely. You will be missing me by the time I get around to being social. It’s just the way I am.


I will modify this as circumstances change, but my word, and my ideals do not change. Your details are safe with me.

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I am really exited by what’s going on here