what about me?

abstract pointlessism from a pointless abstractor

and now back to pointlessist realism


Bio Short Version.

Born some time back and still not dead.

I make stuff. It looks good when I am lucky.

I live and breath stuff making.

Get some stuff while you can still afford it.

When I die it goes out of your price range, and mine incidentally.


Bio Long Version, me love you long time.

Remember the first scene of Crocodile Dundee? Of course you do, the bar scene where Hogues enters wrestling the croc.

well, I came into this world right about there. That was filmed, The Walkabout Creek Hotel scene, in a very small town called Mckinley, pop 20.

(Have been there once, with the original Spanish girl and her lovely, lovely, lovely sister. And a genial Czechoslovakian boy Lucas. long complicated embarrassing story which I might even post about one day. )

(And maybe passed through there when I was two years old, before I came on-line to this stream of consciousness we call current reality. )

About 115 kms to the northwest, next town along is called Cloncurry, which appears, as the name of the district on my birth certificate. Honest. (I would post a copy, nothing to hide, but can’t track it down. I know I have a copy in the deep file, so might make it a priority soon to look for it and give it a scan.)

Of course, you would see (in the case of me posting said document) that I was actually born in Mt. Isa, another 150 kms further down the road. As you know, that’s just next door in the wide expanses of Australia. The funny thing is, Australia has few big cities, although it is the most urbanised nation in the world, but they are all along the coast, so it’s really common to see Mt. Isa indicated on a map of the world, ranking up there with the capitals on the coast, just to fill the map in a bit.

Anyhow, I did say the long version.  I might have to go back and do an intermediate version too.

I grew up in a succession of mining towns and port cities, so probably got my first load of mercury and lead right there and then. But that’s another story too.

I always drew, my parents loved the fact it kept me quiet. I started painting early too.

Started selling precociously too.


so what the fuck happened.

That’s what this blog will uncover over time.


I will improve on this yet, but my arm has gone to sleep. bad ergonomics for sure

PS. this photo below was taken where I was born, that’s the famous Mt Isa mines smokestack, the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere at some point. As far as I know. Might even look it up. Well some page says tallest smokestack in Australia, for a while, so to avoid further disappointment, I will stop looking now, and go back to my lifelong belief system. here’s another interesting post

and the poem that follows was my about page for the last few years. No wonder I have so few, but such amazing fans. 🙂

baby scott

triple trouble, oh if only they had known…

born some time back in a dusty backwater,
later lived in a small town called Blackwater

there he learned to ride a bike
graduating from the little trike

not having left well enough alone
now he lives in a city of stone