Scotty C. L. Aus

firststripybigworks from my student years  1993- 1996   trabajos de los tiempos de estudiante


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  1. Scott Charles Leichhardt Hollingsworth Avatar

    Student works, mainly exploring iconic imagery, and political symbols, such as flags and the like.
    Heavily influenced by the entry of aboriginal art into the university system, which was happening at that point in time at the Queensland College of Art.

  2. beth Pinkerton Avatar

    Hi Scott

    Its been a long time, Im glad your still painting.
    I just came upon your page by chance and thought Id say hullo.
    What are you up to in Spain?

    Im liveing in the Northern Tablelands of NSW and Im a textile/felt artist now.
    Email me Id love to talk to you.


    1. Scott Charles Leichhardt Hollingsworth Avatar

      good to hear from you Beth, and I will write to you directly by email, and thanks for commenting

  3. Eva Espinosa Avatar

    Hi Scott
    Glad to get into your website and discover your sensibility. Really interesting. It would be great to exchange some words about our works.

    1. Scott Charles Leichhardt Hollingsworth Avatar

      hey, the famous Eva. Thanks honey. I’m glad we have met you. I have only met you very briefly of course, but Gloria is raving about you. And I have have fond memories of my brief moment too. Hope to make it more soon

      let’s talk about work sure. I saw you have big bold works. Want to see them in the flesh


you can say what you please, I will love you long time

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