Mindblown: a simple update goes bad.

  • thoughts on Fuck, part one

    thoughts on Fuck, part one

    A new friend asked the other day about “the word”. And I thank her for the question. I don’t get it enough. She asked me if it meant something or if it was just gratuitous. I suppose I have plenty to say about this, so lets see how we go. I believe I could be […]

  • starting fresh

    I better, ’cause what I have been doing up to now hasn’t really been working out for me. And it’s not surprising. It’s gotten to the stage where I can write down all these private (should be) (haha) thoughts here on the blog, and not really worry too much about the repercussion. OK, so not […]

  • Five really weird movies

    Inspired by my girlfriends blog, and thinking I could do better, hahaha, I decided that it’s as good a reason as any to get back to the blog. So without too much further ado, I am going to talk about the first five strange and for this reason wonderful films I think of, and that […]

  • hello world type post

    I keep wanting to become one of those people who posts on his blog, and somehow keep resisting. And really there’s so much I could write about too. Except it would probably sound like whingeing, but it’s a special type of whingeing, which I like to call justified whingeing. Or maybe I should just harden […]

  • It’s all happening.

    Just down the road. And I am here in the house painting. Is that the right thing to do? I really don’t know. From Russia Times

  • still scratching

    still scratching

    Just that, still trying out things. I have changed the ‘slider’ now three or four times, plus playing around with the order of the photos. (*the slider is the changing image sequence on the homepage of the site.) I decided to try a zooming effect. I first tried with the work “Starry, Starry Naught, Pop, […]

  • well, while I’m waiting for the nameservers to propagate…

    I suppose that I could try and write a post. I always get this far and can’t seem to do the job. I have so many things to write about, but go blank as soon as I click the start new post button. I really need to send out an update for my few subscribers […]

  • Here I am working on this site/blog, instead of painting

    It’s late, really late, and I’m scratching away at my lovely new wordpress installation and Kingsize theme, and trying to get a social media plug-in to work.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

  • KingSize Version 3.1 Change Log

    VERSION 3.1 – KINGSIZE We have made quite a fix changes in this release. Including an important one, updating the Timthumb script to the most current and stable version. Below here you will find a detailed list of all the changes we have introduced in this version. Timthumb was updated. The entire “timthumb.php” file should […]

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