another day past, passed the new start

I am doing stuff all day everyday, or very nearly, but I am trying to do too much.

The following is part of the reason

I have this many dogs.

photo of dogs standing in the winter sun
if you count carefully you’ll get them

Long story, partially told here, here and here, although certainly not concisely or fully. Also I notice that they are very old posts, and now there’s nine dogs and only three cats.

Anyhow, I have that many animals although I certainly didn’t want this many animals, nor can I cope with them really. But still they come, to the tune of War of the Worlds

There must be a reason for all this, but the obvious ones don’t make sense to me.

I keep saying that I am going to write everyday, so that’s days ago now that that started, but how many new posts can you see?

(that’s rhetorical, no need to look)

My excuse is mainly encapsulated in the above photo. Although at the same time that’s not at all true. That scene looks tranquil and serene and that’s only milliseconds at a time. Most of the time is high tension, like I am caught in a war zone. I don’t mean to make light of those actually caught in a war zone, but at the same time, I don’t know how many people could understand what it is like to live with 12 animals. Five of them hunting dogs.

Many is the day that I think I can’t go on, and many’s the day that I go on. I’m not sure how that works. Maybe if I could afford to have a mental breakdown, I would. But as there is so little coming in and so much going out, who can afford that?


But although this doesn’t meet my minimum criterion for my new post a day regime, I also know when to admit defeat for today. Today was going to be many things, and in the end all I really got done is attend yet another webinar, and make a cool new set of digital images.


I even put one up on a range of products over at my spaingaroo redbubble.

The best products there from our point of view are the tote-bags. they are really well made, the print quality is fantastic, and they are a very good quality product at a reasonable price.

but there are plenty of really nice products in the range, and I am always adding more. There are other pages too, but I really am already almost breaking out in a sweat from writing this. I have so much work to do on myself.


Tomorrow I’ll try and talk about my new project possibility.  I’m glad I actually wrote something today, although it’s worthless drivel, it’s words on my blog, and that’s a rare event and worth celebrating.

Let’s see… what will I do to celebrate?

Oh, I know.


I’ll take the dogs out for a walk.



Photo of doggies
Chippy, Sonic and the arse end of Alba. Oh and the lower half of Jackie
more doggie faces
Willy, Sonic, Lina
doggies running
Jakie and Lina
Motion blurred dogs
Bobby leads Nina
desperate for love, dog face
Jami, the attention whore
Doggie looking scared uncomfortable
Jackie looking distinctly uncomfortable, visiting our friends





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