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  • Collision clouds are gathering, as a contest entry

    Contest Entry “Collision?” “oh, I believe it’s inevitable now” with that the professor, stood up, and bowing once, swiftly left the stage completely ignoring the repeated, almost anguished… calls for him to stay Round # 15: The Word is “Our epoch is a time of tragic collision between matter and spirit and of the downfall […]

  • Newton’s Nightly Nooky

    Poetry dice source the contest post late, late, out driving late leaning on my learner’s plate the eye in the sky “can’t be looking for me mate” skin like ice “”we’re not on the sly” but that’s always a roll of the dice in a hidden police state hanging on every clock face’s words Old […]

  • Danger, experiments in AI conducted on unsuspecting viewers

    dangerous liaisons experiments in time light the corners of my eyes, shifting coloured sands mount the passage of my life stupid colour combos mark the limits of my skills wasted time in danger always son of the cheap thrills (mothers of invention) yeah (right on brother) getting them so easy at the one low price […]