Newton’s Nightly Nooky

Poetry dice

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out driving
on my learner’s plate

the eye in the sky

“can’t be looking for me mate”

skin like ice

“”we’re not on the sly”

but that’s always a roll of the dice
in a hidden police state

hanging on every clock face’s words
Old Sir Newton swings
from that tree

if you ain’t got that swing
you can’t feel that thing

bet he can’t feel,
can’t feel his feet
can’t really feel them
put himself into their shoes

sees apple looking sweet
sees ground hard will meet

scales tilted towards the right
and brains leaving the left
sweet justice eludes
the centre

the inner city cannot hold
gentrification is goosed
the daisy chain is broken

no mere anarchy is loosed
no soothing words were spoken

the american pie was broken
when what was needed was the bold
only offers of the old
threats they really are

no new moon was darker
only violent chaos will be
allowed to bloom.

the sex pistols
have a lot to answer for
maybe they were seeds
maybe they were monsanto

but for now
I stop to pee,
what about you?
I look to the east and I see
a crescent moon hove into view

my night time vigil is at an end
the moon will now
light the way to my teepee
where my headlights had
grossly failed previously

original poem and gifs by @spaingaroo

this is my first entry into @robyneggs poetry dice competition.

I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Thanks @robyneggs

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maybe this is common place,
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The blockchain doesn’t lie
images by @spaingaroo, artwork by @spaingaroo, incredible chewy goodness by @spaingaroo






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