well, once again a new start

no excuses or explanations.



I’m still here, still teetering on the brink of the most absolute ruin, but on the up and up, as you can see demonstrated by the fact that I am once more writing here.


there will be more, but I’ll need to save often as it is (lightly) raining and that means blackouts here. usually short, but a little devastating to the unsaved work, and I am sure to the hardware. I had an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) but it broke down after a couple of years and I put it away to look at later, and that’s the current state of events.

I suppose that should be a UPS, although it would be an Uninterruptible etc.


and I want to test this short code for a form to get you guys to sign up to my mailing list. I have vowed to get the mailing list together obviously, step by step

so it must appear by the art of magic just below these words

[mc4wp_form id=”2819″]

assuming it does, you’ll want to opt in, ’cause you won’t regret my fantastic give-aways and discounts. I’ll try and come up with something worth your reading time too. Maybe once a week or maybe less.

What is it going to be? good question, it’s an evolving quest to discover what I can bring into your life from my disadvantaged position? Hopefully colour and joy, along with more sombre reflections. I am going to concentrate on selling high visual quality prints, hand finished and signed by yours truly. I have discovered a fabulous printmaker with great technology, that make for the most attractive prints I have seen since I was doing screen-prints, way back when. I took some photos before…


insert three hour detour while I downloaded the fotos from the camera and got sidetracked, took in ten sales funnels, resisted almost everything, only booked into one webinar, and so on and so forth.


so, this has turned out to be a bit of a bust, not exactly the sort of valuable content I am going to be providing soon, as my act shapes up and ships in from wherever it has been hiding out.


But I did write here today, so tomorrow too and we’ll be off. Don’t forget that form, what have you got to lose? the only danger is that I won’t pull through, and that only means you won’t have the extra email.


[mc4wp_form id=”2819″]






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