Using the KingSize WordPress Portfolios

Inside your WordPress Dashboard, in the left-hand sidebar you will see the “Portfolio” menu option. Click this and you will have the option to view all “Portfolio” items, “Add New” portfolio items, and create “Portfolio Categories” that you can use to organize the different type of portfolios you wish to display on your site. This also enables you the ability to create multiple portfolios and assigning categories.

Adding in New Portfolio Items

It’s pretty simple and we’ll show you here how simple it is…

  1. Click “Add New” portfolio item.
  2. Type in the title of your portfolio item where it says “Enter title here“. For example, you could create a “Photography” portfolio.
  3. Use the “Content Editor” to insert the portfolio item details.
  4. Beneath here you will find the corresponding “write-panel” options for your portfolio item.
  5. The first option is to “Upload an Image“, this is if you want a single portfolio image instead of a video.

    Click “browse“, upload your image and click “insert” or copy and paste URL. Clicking insert automatically adds the URL.

    You’ll need to include the “Image Thumbnail“, click browse > upload > insert image. This is your portfolio thumbnail image.

    Next you can paste the URL of your YouTube or Vimeo videos.

    You can also insert the “Embedded Code” for your video’s.
  7. Next you’ll have the option to insert the “Excerpt” that is displayed on the Portfolio page. This is the brief information shown beneath the thumbnails in the Portfolio main page.

That’s all you do to add your portfolio items. It’s that simple and fast.

Creating a Portfolio Page

So now you’ve successfully added a Portfolio item(s), you’ll now want to know how to display those items. To do this, you need to create a new page using the page template “Portfolio” and once you create a Portfolio Page, you just simply assign which category for your Portfolios you want displayed and the rest is done automatically.

  1. Go to “Pages” in your sidebar and click “Add New“.
  2. Title the portfolio page accordingly, ie., “Music Videos” or “Photography“. Yes, you can create multiple portfolios by creating new pages.
  3. In the right sidebar of this page, look for “Page Attributes” and select from the dropdown “Portfolio“. This will assign that page the Portfolio template you’ll be using.
  4. Scroll down till you see the “write-panel” and you’ll need to setup a few options:

    Select a Portfolio Category: This uses the Categories you created for your Portfolio.

    If you created a category called “Photography” and you want this specific page to display all your photography images, than you would select that associated category to be used.

    Portfolio Page Layouts: Although looks best with TWO and THREE column layouts, we have also made available the other layouts which are also used by the galleries for your interest.
  5. Lastly, you still have the option to assign a custom background image for this specific page. So get creative!

If you want text to show above your portfolios, when creating this page, just add the text to the contents box / editor and that text will display above the portfolios as shown in the demonstration.

Once you have created this page, you’ll want to link it to your menu / navigation. To do this, go to “Appearance” > “Menus” and add the new page you just created to your navigation. Add a brief description if desired, click save and once done you should be able to see the new item in your menu.

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