thank you so very much

Thank you for giving me that.

I am so glad you decided to trust me with your email, I know how it feels. I have an ongoing email disaster, as I often take people’s offers only to find that I then get two emails a day from them giving me the chance to sign up for two more lists and so on. That’s not me, and that’s not ever going to be me.

If I decide to go down that road, I’ll do it under an assumed name, so it won’t be this list. (insert smiley face emoticon)

I am sure you won’t find you get overloaded with emails, and I’ll perhaps have to remind you who I am every time, ’cause I’ll only try to write if I feel I can make it worth your while.

I have plans to have big giveaways, but we’ll see how long that can go on, before I go broke.

After all my online presence so far can only be described as a time and money suck. (insert slightly troubled smiley face emoticon) Adding physical postage into the mix may well be explosive. Still doesn’t hurt to dream. I am sure you would/will like it too.

You’ll know soon enough if have finally worked out an auto-responder series, as you would have one soon in your inbox.

If not, don’t worry, as I’m not surprised either. I’ll send something out soon.

Thanks again

eye shaped sumptuous drawing
one of the digital derivations from the ongoing 49 steps drawing