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  • ¡qué guay es tener plan!

    ¡qué guay es tener plan!

    you may be wondering why you don’t see more of me, and more of my art?     or maybe just what the hell happened?   you may very well not be wondering that, but now that I have said it, it must have crossed your mind. I hope I can provide an interesting enough […]

  • KingSize Version 3 Change Log

    VERSION 3 – KINGSIZE Assorted Fixes & Updates Resolved the “Blog Paginate” issues. Fixed the “Color Style” options by editing “theme-options.php” lines #773 through to #784. Updated “style.css” with a Background / Slider fix on lines #60 through to line #77. Updated “style.css” line #88 through to line #97, “.nojs img” for background fix. Updated […]