What’s going on?

I am very pleased to say that there is a visible flurry of activity going on right now, if you know where to look. 

I have started a new website to represent the new project, and I by no means am abandoning this. I mean, I could be accused of having abandoned it a long time ago, and I have no defense against that accusation. But as you can see if you have stumbled back here after some months. There is finally a new set of slider images, and I am just contemplating putting some images up in a new gallery so will not worry too much about this little written nothingness, but rather concentrate on getting an image gallery up. 

Please look for it soon. 

many metallic blue red repeating cubes
oooh ooh ooh ohh!!

edit, here it is. Hours ago, but with this many things going on at once… https://spaingaroo.com/repeating-cubes-kick-arse/

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