how to move forward from where you are

you’re going to drop your goal of 1000 words per day, ’cause you haven’t done them so far.

And I agree! Funny enough I am planning to do the same. I move the writing from first thing to last thing (of the day) and back again, but still haven’t done 100% Hopefully, my new goal of writing less, as inspired by this long post, will do the trick. (plenty of other things in it, the article that is, and if you start following some of the links you will not get finished. I haven’t. I stopped to get the post up, or lose another day in a row.)  I am just going to start trying to make the word count meter work, and that’s my goal. only to improve my hit rate.


I believe that getting going in the habit is the hard part. I will worry about improving the content every day.

I still haven’t really determined where I am going with this, but at least moving is better than stopped.

I am doing so poorly so far, but one of the times that I move forward in my mind, my body will follow. And I have decided that I will have you along for the ride.


After all, there must be some interest in my story, especially if it turns out to have a fulfilling end. And even if it doesn’t, if I can get comfortable with sharing my story, in some of the gory and entertaining details, even if I crash and burn there’ll be something in it for somebody.


Maybe you are that somebody.


a digital image constructed from one of the sheets of the big olive
what can one say to justify this? I have no idea but I am loving it.

If you want to be in on my list, which has been dead, but I am planning a comeback, there’s ways to sign up all over the place. I hope you haven’t been turned off by all those. They are still a little out of control. As I do a better job, the web should get better as an experience to visit.


even at the risk of overkill, if I can remember how, I am going to add one here too. As soon as I get my act together I wish to reward those who took the (low risk) plunge with an actual physical artwork. (or at least the chance to get one, don’t know if I will be able to give you all one. We’ll see) So brace yourself.


And then I hope to give something away regularly, only limited by my budget.


If success comes knocking I’ll get to give it all away.

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and that’s how I would love to be.


Now I am so close, I am going to get over five hundred words before I stop. I will use the extra time to point you at a post, which is linked to as an example in the other linked article, but so are many other things.

It has a pretty killer headline, seven life lessons from a guy who can’t move anything but his face

plenty of food for thought there.


Well, don’t want to push my luck. I’ll post this post and feel good about it. The getting good comes later










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