the only truly serious philosophical problem


Green biro drawing on heavy paper. Boli verde en papel grueso.


“The only truly serious philosophical problem”

In this lively drawing, the first in the repeating word series (and the only one of them to use letters as such, all the rest using only the negative space) the word fuck features prominently. However it doesn’t have a sexual connotation, but rather expressing the desire to break with all that surrounds, and an unquenchable desire to change that reality.
Green biro drawing on quality canson printing paper. Needs framing behind glass for display.

The title comes from the Albert Camus quote “There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.” He also said “should I kill myself or should I have a cup of coffee?”

En este dibujo lleno de movimiento, la palabra fuck, deja a un lado su connotación sexual para cobrar una relevancia esencial, dotando a esta obra de un carácter de ruptura con todo lo que le rodea, y un deseo incontenible de cambiar esa realidad.
Dibujo en boli BIC verde sobre papel grueso de impresora Canson. Precisa un marco con cristal para ser expuesto.